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Plans and Pricing

We have curently 2 plans (monthly & yearly) But we aim to enhance more our app so we will bring more plans shortly

What Our Customers Saying

(This Was In The Private beta Period Now We 10x The App Power!)

Don’t just take our word, We let our customers do the talking!

“This Unbiased testimonial is real, even though i am the owner of the product and create this tool for myself initially, simply because i had a huge problem on converting visitors to customers in my ecom stores, after the Super Sales Booster X i saw increase of 300% on ROAS so i new i was on something  …
long story short after 3 months of testing and perfecting the app not only me but my clients from superacademyclub.com keep dominate the market with their eCom stores”
Jim Dimitroulopoulos

“i am astonished i increase my sales overnight and i never thought that was possible if i didn’t raise the budget, finaly i turn my campaigns profitable especially the ones that were losing money or breaking even.
THANK YOU Jim” Chris

“I Simply Want To Add Your Photo Here So The Question Is: WIll You Be My Next Success Story? “ Someone From Somewhere that I Will Turn Him From Zero To HERO

Plans and Pricing

We have curently 2 plans (monthly & yearly) But we aim to enhance more our app so we will bring more plans shortly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install The App To Multiple Stores?
Our system assign 1 license to 1 store, similar to the shopify app store.

So If you want to add the app to second store you need to buy second licence and install our application in your store

How Can I Make Money With This App?
Glad That you asked this. You Make More money with 2 ways
1. By converting more visitors to customers
2. By not giving discount to the ones that would buy your stuff anyways
3. since more actions recorded in your pixel (fb pixel) your campaigns and the LLA Audiences will work better
Do You Offer Training?
Even though we make it stupid simple we have training videos inside to help you along the way 🙂
btway the setup take only 10 seconds!
Do You Have Support?
Yes, we are 1 click away. you can contect us to [email protected]
Anything Else I Need To Know?
This is The only app that will actually generate more money for you.
we are always 1 Email Away or 1 pm on FB!
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